Thursday, February 23, 2012


From the 1955 MGM period drama, “Diane” comes this magnificent champagne velvet pearl-encrusted period court gown worn by Lana Turner and designed by Walter Plunkett.

The costume is comprised of a fitted bodice with square neckline and very long bell sleeves. The matching skirt is made of long heavy velvet and has a train.

The front skirt panel and inside of sleeves as you can see in the photos features intricate gold quilting and embroidery, and both parts are heavily trimmed with pearls, gold bullion, and gold ottoman beads.

Here are some further photos which show the detail of the gown.

The costume also came with the original matching raw silk pumps worn by Lana Turner in the film.

Lana Turner portrays Diane in this opulent costume drama. The film was a major project for MGM in terms of it's usual "no expense spared" approach to its films.

The costumes like this were lavish and Walter Plunkett, who was best remembered for his designs in "Gone With The Wind" produced some breathtaking gowns. Added to this was a musical score by Miklos Rozsa. The film also stars a very young Roger Moore. They film was set in 16th century France.

These are studio portraits taken to advertise the film by MGM and shows Lana Turner with the original costumes she wore in the film. You can see the costume on the right, five in.

Please search for Lana Turner to see the other costumes worn by Lana Turner in this film.


  1. Fabulous costume! They sure did these right at the old MGM studio. "Diane" is also a wonderful movie and a great looking epic from the early Renaissance years. As you know, Plunkett was a great designer of period costumes and these were some of his best.

  2. I haven't seen "Diane" but judging by this stunning, beautifully detailed gown, it must be quite an Eastmancolor eyeful. How I envy Lana Turner who must have felt like royalty in it. Your collection never ceases to amaze me...

  3. Thanks Christian! And I couldn't agree more. MGM is my favourite when it comes to collecting and I think Plunkett my most favourite of the designers. He really knew period glamour!

    Thanks Eve as always for your nice comments! Its a film I like so if you get to see it, do! Even if its just for the costumes :) It was basically the final film Lana filmed at MGM so she went out with a bang so to speak in terms of the costumes!

    1. wonderful! did you know that walter plunkett is on record as insisting that the costumes he designed for lana in "diane" are his very favourite from his long career?

  4. Thanks for the info iarla! I didn't know that. I have three of her gowns from this film so it is a film favourite of mine. Its nice to know that Plunkett thought so much of his designs on this film. Thanks again!