Sunday, February 13, 2011


Over the coming few weeks I will be listing some amazing treasures that I recently purchased from a wonderful man with an equally wonderful family. He was also a remarkable collector of entertainment memorabilia.

It is to the collectors of yesterday who the collectors of today owe a great deal. If it weren’t for them, the majority of these treasures would no longer exist. The sad reality is that these treasures will one day be no more. Fabrics and textiles will eventually deteriorate and disappear. Mabye not in our lifetime or the next, but eventually. Until then each collector does his or her bit to preserve and conserve until it is time to pass on to the next collector.

One such collector was Bill Madigan. I only had the pleasure of meeting and chatting for a very short time but it is something I will always remember. The way he talked about costumes and collecting is the way I always feel. It is something common to collectors and when you come upon it, you recognise it right away. He was not only a collector but he got great joy in displaying his treasures for the public to enjoy. This is what it is all about. Not only collecting but also being able to show them to those who appreciate the magic of film costume.

Below is an newspaper article from the mid eighties highlighting Mr Madigan and his collection.

Mr Madigan sadly passed away in May of 2010. His family continues the tradition of displaying many of the pieces that they have kept.

To Mr Madigan and his family, I say thank you for the genuine thrill you have given me in allowing me to have purchased and add these treasures to my collection.

I have always felt that you give credit where credit is due. To this end, the costumes, which I was lucky enough to purchase from this wonderful collector, will note that at the bottom. Its my small way of saying thanks and to keep alive the spirit of the collector.

Mr Madigan, I can only say thanks!

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