Saturday, June 19, 2010


Here is a wonderful ensemble worn by Judy Garland in the MGM musical "Easter Parade" in 1948.

Easter Parade is considered one of the best of the MGM musicals of the 40's with a great cast and memorable songs from Irving Berlin.

Judy Garland wears this desgin in the "Fella with An Umbrella" sequence and leading into the "I Love a Piano" medley.

The costume consists of a red panelled skirt with dart ends and a black form fitting jacket.

Costuems were dsigned by Irene.

In an intervew with Judy Garland, she provided her recollections of filming the "Fella with an Umbrella", sequence which was filmed on the backlot during a rain sequence. Judy recalls "I was wearing a red skirt, a black jacket and a little black Scottish hat with a red plume. At the
very end of the number, all I had to do was turn and do a sort of lovely look at Peter. Suddenly, everyone yelled 'Cut!'; I thought 'What have I done?' Well, it turned out the dye off the red feather ran all over my face and the back of my jacket; it looked like there was just blood
everywhere. So then they had to reset and get more rain. And they couldn't figure out what to do with this bloody feather - so they put Vaseline on it! Which I thought was kind of unattractive!"

A wonderful piece of both Garland and MGM history.

Garland can be seen wearing the cosutme in various production shots from the film including clowning around with Peter Lawford on the set.

The costume was also used in a Garland exhibition in New York City some years ago. Featured also were costumes worn in "Summer Stock" and "In The Good Old Summertime".

These boots form part of the few remaining pieces of costume made for Judy Garland to be worn in her role as Annie Oakley in "Annie Get Your Gun" for MGM in 1950. Judy Garland was replaced in the production by Betty Hutton as a result of ongoing health problems.

Whilst Judy Garland sadly never completed the production, there remains a complete recording of the musical numbers from the film as well as the filming of two production numbers including "Im an Indian". Production photos including costume tests have also survived.

The boots are worn by Judy Garland in this costume test from the film. Costumes were desgined by Helen Rose and Walter Plunkett. A great association piece from a true legend.


  1. O.M.G. Aaaawww!.. What I would give to own a piece of costume worn by Judy..

  2. I am very lucky to have anything worn by this great legend!