Monday, March 3, 2014


As the Academy Awards were presented today, I am sharing something that is not a costume but very much related to film.

This is a commemorative Oscar Statuette that stands 5½" in height.

It dates back to 1935 and as the story goes was made as a table decoration during the dinner which took place to honor Columbia Pictures' 1935 15th Anniversary and the film, "It Happened One Night" sweeping the prizes that year. 

The plaque reads "Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences First Award Columbia Pictures For the Best Picture of the Year" and the on the back  "15th Anniversary Columbia Pictures 1920-1935" .

The other story is that Frank Capra had these commissioned for the films win. However you look at it, he remains a fabulous souvenir of Hollywood's Golden Age! 

At the 1934 Academy Award the film won all five of the big categories. The film won Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Director and Best Screenplay. The Anniversary party therefore proved to be a big event. It was at the time the first picture ever to sweep all five awards.

Even these miniatures are highly sought after and collectible. 

OK and a quick costume connection...when Clark Gable starred in this film, he took his shirt off to reveal shock and horror, no undershirt! Well fashion precedent was set and sales plummeted in mens undershirts for years. It wasn't until Paul Newman took his shirt off in 'Hud' to show he was wearing one, that sales finally returned. True Story.

Hope you enjoyed the Awards today! 


  1. What an interesting piece of Hollywood and Oscar history. Is that your own miniature shown in the photos? If so, I'm very envious...

  2. Thanks for the nice comment and yes I was lucky enough to come across this a few years ago and add it to the collection.

  3. Fascinating. It looks like a real Oscar.