Saturday, October 2, 2010


Dorothy Lamour was an American film actress who is best remembered for her performances in the series of “Road to..” films opposite Bing Crosby and Bob Hope.

Dorothy Lamour is also remembered for her many films in which she wore the characteristic sarong dress, which was deigned for her by the legendary Edith Head during her years at Paramount pictures. Lamour first appeared in the sarong in the 1936 Paramount film “The Jungle Princess”. In fact she appeared in 11 films thereafter in Sarong. Audiences remember Lamour best for these films.

During the World War II years, Lamour remained amongst the most popular pinup girls including Betty Grable, Rita Hayworth, Lana Turner and Veronica Lake. Lamour was also heavily involved in the creation of war bond tours in which movie stars travelled the country selling U.S. government bonds.

Here is an elegant black satin halter gown worn by Dorothy Lamour in the film Masquerade In Mexico (1945). Costumes designed by Edith Head. The gown features intricate lace design to the bodice and trim to the hem. The film tells the story of an American singer stranded in Mexico who is hired by a banker to distract a Mexican matador who is making a play for the banker's wife. They hatch a scheme whereby she pretends to be a Spanish countess.

The costume appears in many production stills made for the film and for Paramount advertising. The costume also appears on the poster advertising for the film.

A wonderful Edith Head creation for one of Paramount’s biggest box office draws of the 1930’s and 1940’s.


  1. Dorothy became good friends with Carole Lombard (they worked together on "Swing High, Swing Low"), and when Lombard left Paramount, she made certain Lamour inherited her dressing room on the lot.

    I do a blog dedicated to Lombard, her life and times and classic Hollywood in general ( Recently, I did an entry on the first stage of the Debbie Reynolds memorabilia auction, focusing on a gown Carole wore in "No Man Of Her Own":

  2. Hello and thanks for the information on Carole and Dorothy! I just had a look at your blog! A wonderful tribute to a great lady!

    The Reynolds sale was just amazing! The Lombard gown was one of the most beautiful in the sale! I do hope it went to a good home.

    Thanks again!

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