Thursday, December 17, 2009


Thanks to her red hair, beautiful eyes and the magicians of the Technicolor process, Maureen O'Hara became known as The Queen of Technicolor. Best remembered in her roles as the heroine in costume epics, she has appeared in many film classics including 'How Green Was My Valley" and 'The Quiet Man".

The following are some costume pieces from her career.

This brown two piece riding suit was worn by Ms O'Hara in the opening scenes of the 1949 Universal Pictures film "Baghdad". The film tells the story of a Princess in search of her fathers' murder. The costumes were designer by Yvonne Wood.

From the same film, is a green satin gown with tassel trim as worn by Ms O'Hara.

Ms O'Hara wears this costume in the 1945 RKO classic "The Spanish Main". An entertaining swashbuckling story, she starred opposite Paul Henreid. Ms O'Hara's costumes were designer by Edward Stevenson. This is a cream lace nightgown with lace up to the front.

I am a great admirer of this wonderful actress not only for her amazing talent but for her many contributions to the motion picture industry. An extraordinary and remarkable woman. If you get the chance, you must read her 2005 autobiography "Tis Herslef".

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